Costume Designer and Artist Gabriele Stazi to attend Play 2024

Gabriele Stazi has been immersed in fantasy culture and role-playing games from a young age. His early interests led him to master the craft of leatherworking, enabling him to bring his ideas to life. His exceptional skills and passion have led to collaborations with both the Italian film industry and Hollywood, contributing to productions such as “Ben-Hur”, “Romulus”, and “Pirates of the Caribbean”.


Expertly blending traditional leather craftsmanship with elements from the world of fantasy fiction and comics, Gabriele’s creations have garnered international recognition.


Gabriele’s talents, though, extend beyond costume design. He is an avid LARPer, role-player, and video game enthusiast. Currently residing in Denmark, Gabriele serves as Head of Development and Costume Designer for Iron Fortress and Epic Armoury.