Munchkin artist John Kovalic to attend Play 2024

Robert John Kovalic was born on 24 November 1962 in England but moved to the United States at a young age, where he currently lives and works.

A world-renowned writer, cartoonist, and illustrator, John has illustrated dozens of games and collaborated with several newspapers, such as The New York Times and The Washington Post.

In Italy, he is best known for illustrating Steve Jackson Games’ Munchkin board game and creating the comic series Dork Tower. John also illustrated the popular Kobolds Ate My Baby! role-playing game, to be released at Play 2024 in a new Italian deluxe edition by Kaizoku Press in collaboration with Mondiversi, under the title I Coboldi Mangiano i Bambini.

John is currently working on his Dork Tower webcomic series and maintaining his blog.