Mordheim author to attend Play 2024

Many moons ago ago Tuomas made an entirely logical decision to leave his safe job in an engineering firm to pursue a career in games with a suitcase of clothes and 20 euros in cash.

Now he has been a professional game designer for 25 years, thus validating his choice. Tuomas has worked on tabletop, console, PC and mobile games with more than 30 published titles, including Warhammer, Need for Speed, Resident Evil and many many others.

Tabletop gamers know him best as the author of Mordheim and Warhammer Fantasy Battle 6th edition, as well as his work on Realm of Chaos, Warhammer Siege and many Army Books. Aside from his day job in video games, he is currently working on Trench Crusade skirmish game for tabletop.