A new cycling route now links the city of Modena to the ModenaFiere Centre.

If you prefer to cycle, a new cycle route now links the city of Modena to the ModenaFiere Exhibition Centre. It’s easy and safe.

From the Modena city centre, take the cycle route on the left-hand side of Via Emilia, pass by the Madonnina Bridge, take Via N. Biondo and from there enter the Villaggio Artigiano. Then turn right into Via Tommaso Rinaldi, cross the out-of-service railway and continue on Via Don P. Fiorenzi, then turn right into Via Amundsen. On Via Amundsen, cross Cia Emilia and take Strada Barchetta, to the left.

On Strada Barchetta, continue to the junction of the ring road, cross the ring road over the bicycle bridge, then continue on Strada Barchetta, towards Tre Olmi. Once you reach the small roundabout in the centre of Tre Olmi, take the second roundabout exit (Strada Tre Olmi).


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Here you have two route options:


Country Route

Take the first road on your right, Stradello Cenna. After a short while Stradello Cenna becomes a grass-covered but well-travelled track. We do not recommend using this route in bad weather.


Paved Route

Continue along Strada Tre Olmi to Strada Pozzo Pontuto, then turn right to rejoin Stradello Cenna.

If you find barricade tape across the road at the junction between Cenna and Pozzo Pontuto, ignore it: it has been placed illegally.

Continue on Stradello Cenna, pass the tunnel under the Motorway and at the end turn left onto Via Viazza di Ramo: follow it until it joins Via Orazio, where you turn left and reach the Exhibition Centre entrance.


Total length: 8.5 Km - Cycling time: approx. 40 minutes.


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