The prestigious miniature painting award's 5th edition

The latest edition of the Vallejo Painting Awards, presented in partnership with Cosmic Group, will take place at Play, the Games Festival, 17-18-19 May 2024.


The Vallejo Painting Awards event has become a cornerstone of our festival programme. The Awards perfectly capture the essence of Play by offering its participants the opportunity to engage in speed painting contests and competitions.


The Awards are divided into three categories:





Special events will cater specifically to the Newcomers category, including several “School” levels according to the participants’ available time during the Festival:


School Level One: Basic painted piece with highlighting.

School Level Two: Detailed piece with shading.

School Level Three: Fully detailed piece including all finishing steps and base work.

Prizes will be awarded each day for the winners in each category, contributing points towards the “School” rankings.


On Sunday, prizes will be awarded to the top-performing schools according to their scores.


Within each category, the jury will award different Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards according to the Open formula.


If you are interested in participating or learning more about the rules, visit the Vallejo Awards website for comprehensive details on the awards and contests.


We are waiting for you, artists!


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